You are in PRODUCTION Environment

Instructions   Will display this screen.

  • Login is required to use this application.

  • Once you log in, use the Cart to start a new transactions.

  • If you have items in cart and you did not Checkout, those items will remain in cart. You may either continue to add more items, remove items from the cart and start over, or checkout to start collecting payment.

  • Once you click Checkout, the cart is converted to an In-Progress transaction.

  • The application is designed to accept a variety of payment methods. A customer may use one or more of these methods to tender the required balance.

  • Once the required amount for the transaction is fully tendered by one or more methods, including No Fee or IDOs's, the transaction status becomes Completed.

  • If a transaction is Voided, all payments associated with this transaction will also be voided, except E-Check payments(ACH).

  • Payments that are collected using ACH (Echeck) cannot be voided after 10 minutes of performing the transaction. In this case, applicant has to submit a claim for refund in case the transaction is voided.

  • This section will be updated as more features are added. Logic is subject to change based on users' feedback.

  • If you have any comments or feedback, please email